Can a machine capture emotion?

This is the question which I try to think of when taking photos of many scenes. Often when we visit a particular location, we look at the scene and think “wow! what an amazing view!”.
The tricky part, of course, is capturing that scene and the feeling that goes with it on camera.
It’s never possible to completely capture that feeling as you can’t capture the ambiance or context like the birdsong or movement of the trees and flowers but it is possible to capture a small part of the atmosphere and feelings which can then be conveyed to the viewer.

Of course, the feelings and emotions evoked in the viewer, may be different than those I felt at the time as the scene may remind the viewer of other experiences in their lives and then we get into the whole complex structure of human memories and how experiences can trigger memories of past experiences.

I created this website to showcase my work and will use this blog not just to post occasional articles on whatever topics comes to mind but I also intend to occasionally select one of my photos and explain a bit about it: the technicalities of how I took it, what I like about it and possibly why I felt inspired to take it in the first place.